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    What is a Drive Belt?

    A drive belt, also known as a serpentine belt, is a continuous band used in automotive engines to rotate several peripheral devices within the engine. It is continuously guided over three pulleys to prevent slipping. Idler pulleys keep the belt in proper shape.

    The belt can last over 10,000 miles. Damage is easily detectable if viewed from the side in front-wheel-drive vehicles and viewable from the front in rear-wheel-drive vehicles or those with boxer engines. In some vehicles, the drive belt powers the front engine fan. Some engine designs also use two belts, depending on configuration and device layout.

    At AZR Mobile Mechanical Services, we know how important your vehicle is! That’s why we offer the highest quality drive belt repair services to keep it running smoothly. Our expert technician performs comprehensive inspections of your drive belt to identify problems and deliver effective repairs, giving you peace of mind. 

    What are the Benefits of Drive Belt Repairs?

    • Improved machinery performance
    • Cost-effective alternative to replacement
    • Minimised downtime
    • Prevention of further damage
    • Enhanced efficiency and productivity
    • Extended lifespan of the drive belt
    • Reliable and uninterrupted operation
    • Savings on replacement costs

    What are the Signs of a Faulty Drive Belt?

    • Squealing noise coming from the engine
    • Grooves, frays, or cracks in the belt
    • Slick or weak spots in the belt
    • Steam or vapour coming from underneath the hood
    • Other signs of engine overheating

    At AZR Mobile Mechanical Services, our mobile mechanic understands how valuable your time is! That’s why we offer mobile services that come to you wherever you are.

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    Don’t let a drive belt issue cause further damage to your vehicle. Contact AZR Mobile Mechanical Services for comprehensive drive belt repairs!